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Population Distribution or Structure II – Sex, Occupational and Geographical Distributions

Sex distribution
The sex distribution refers to the classification of a given population according to sex or gender (male or female). Sex distribution can easily be obtained from a population census of a given country which shows the total number of males and the total number of females.

A knowledge of the total number of makes and females in a country will assist the government to make the necessary plans to cater for the population. If, for example, the population of the female is higher than that of the males, it means government will have to plan to provide goods and services for more people because such a country will give rise to high population. Nature has, however tried to balance the number of males with that of the female in such a way that the differences in number between the two is usually very small.

Occupational distributions
Occupational distribution of a population refers to the classification of the working population into different types of work they engage in. The occupational distribution in any population is influenced by a number of factors. These include:

1. The level of education
2. Availability of natural resources
3. The level of technology
4. The types of productive activities.

The major types of productive activities are primary (extractive), manufacturing, construction, commercial, direct and indirect services. In west Africa for instance, majority of the occupationally distributed population are found in farming, mining fishing and lumbering.

Geographical distribution
Geographical distribution of a given population refers to the spread of people into separate geographical areas within a country. The distribution may be due to occupational, presence of mineral resources, historical factors, seat of government, availability of social amenities etc. Reasons for high population density due to geographical distribution are: favorable climate, fertile soil, natural attachment/historical factors, administrative headquarters, employment opportunities, presence of minerals, presence of industries, presence of social amenities and infrastructure, commercial activities and migration.

Economic Implications or Effects of Increase in the Population of Dependants
The Dependants are the population that are between 0-17 years, which include the infants, pupils in nursery, primary, secondary and those in tertiary institutions, and the old age (over 60 years that are not working) but depend on the working population (18-60 years) to cater for all their needs or requirement. If the population of the dependents is higher than that of the working class it has the following economic implications: high taxation, increase in prices, increase in government expenditures, low savings, low investment, fall in standard of living, increase in demand for goods and services, increase in imports, decrease in exports and low supply of labor.


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Making Recovery Easier With the Best Post Op Garments for Female to Male Sex Change Surgery

Female to male gender reassignment is a surgical procedure that alters the structure of a woman and turns her physical attributes to that of a man. It usually involves removal of the breasts, contouring of the chest to make it more like a man’s chest, and removal of the internal sex organs. Very few opt for a physical female to male sex change.

A compression garment is a type of garment that is worn to support the body after a surgery. For female to male sex change procedures, there are available post op recovery garments like the mastectomy bra.

A mastectomy bra is a type of bra worn by women after they have undergone a mastectomy procedure. A mastectomy is a surgical removal which consists of removal of the woman’s breasts. It is usually done to treat breast cancer but is done also during female to male sex change procedures. It is made of stretch fabric so that patients can move without reservations. It keeps the moisture away from the body to give patient a comfortable feeling when wearing the mastectomy bra 24 hours a day. Most mastectomy bras also have pouches made of the same light material to hold the drainage tubes or chemo devices.

For those opting for different post op recovery garments, there is also a mastectomy camisole. A camisole is a type of undergarment for women which is sleeveless and up to the waistline in length. The neckline is usually extra-wide so that a patient needs not lift her arms to wear the camisole because after the surgery the breast area can be very sore. It is usually made of light cotton material for comfort and breathability. It also has removal pouches to hold the drainage tubes or chemo devices.

For Female to male gender reassignment, a complete health check up is usually performed 3 months before the sex change operation. Certain guidelines should be followed especially with the intake of medicines prior to the procedure because this can cause complications during and after the sex change surgery. Any existing medical condition should be made known to the surgeon so that necessary steps can be undertaken. Hormone treatments should be discontinued at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Smoking must also be discontinued 2 weeks before because it can have a reaction with the anesthesia and may even prolong the healing process, which could be a problem.

Female and Male Reproductive Systems – Basic Body Guide For Getting Pregnant

When I used to practice midwifery, it never ceased to amaze me how otherwise intelligent women and men could be so ignorant of their partners ‘bits and pieces’ involved in the reproduction process.

I met a woman once who thought the scrotum was just a bag of skin, and believed the penis had a bone inside it! God knows how she managed to get pregnant, as her husband thought the clitoris was the woman’s belly button. I kid you not. This is absolutely true. Anyway, onto more serious matters which I hope will inform those of you trying for a baby.

To understand the physical processes of conception, pregnancy and birth, it is necessary to know how the female and male reproductive systems work.

As a child grows into an adult the reproductive organs develop to make possible the bearing or fathering of a baby. This stage is known as puberty. It often starts at about 11 to 13 years, usually earlier for girls than for boys. It can be much earlier or later, depending upon the individual. Factors such as heredity, social conditions, diet and race will all affect sexual development.

Your Baby Making Equipment

The woman has got:

two tubes about 10 cm (4 in.) long called the fallopian tubes (oviducts), one on each side of the uterus. The sperm swims along these to fertilise the egg.
two ovaries, which lie one on each side of the pelvis and are white and oval shaped. They produce and release eggs (ova), and also control the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone.
the cervix (neck of the uterus), which is at the lower end of the uterus. The cervix is usually closed, leaving only a small gap for the entrance of sperm, or exit of menstrual fluid.
the vagina, into which the cervix extends a short way. The vagina is a tube about 10-12 cm (4-5 in.) long leading to the surface of the body.

The external female reproductive organs are known collectively as the vulva, and consist of:

the mons pubis, a soft pad of fatty tissue covered in pubic hair, which lies in front of the pubic bone.
the labia, which are folds of skin enclosing the urinary opening and the vaginal opening.
the clitoris, which lies between the mons pubis and the urinary opening, and is of a sponge-like tissue that is very sexually sensitive. When sexually stimulated, blood is pumped into the tissue, causing the clitoris to enlarge.

And now for the man (You might need one of these if you want to get pregnant! )

He has got:

the testes (testicles), which are the male equivalent of the ovaries. They are contained in the scrotum, a pouch of skin below the pelvis. The testes constantly produce the sperm needed to fertilise an egg. They also produce the male sex hormone testosterone.
the sperm tubes (vas deferens), along which sperm produced by the testes travel.
the seminal vesicles, which store and secrete semen (seminal fluid). The semen is a nourishing fluid which carries the sperm down the penis and out of the body.
the penis usually hangs limply, and is of sponge-like tissue. When sexually stimulated, blood is pumped into the tissue, causing the penis to enlarge and harden into an erection.

Should Freelance Graphic Designers – Graphic Artists Handle Female and Male Clients Differently?

For the most part, female and male clients are different and they should be managed differently. They act different, talk different, and often expect different results from working with their freelance graphic designers. This isn’t to say that one is better than another – they are equal, but different.

Should you assume that when you work with a male client that you have to be analytical and conventional, and with female clients you have to get in touch with “your feelings”?

Of course not. People are individuals. While there are guidelines in how to deal with females versus males, that’s all they are: guidelines.

Below are some guidelines I’ve come up with from years of working with clients – direct observation from working with over one hundred male and female clients each. Again, one client isn’t better than another one, and there are MANY exceptions to the rule, but this is what I’ve learned and use as guidelines:

I’ve tried to be as politically correct and yet fair and honest about both sexes. Feel free to post your comments, but please don’t call the “PC Police” – these are observations, not facts. I know there are exceptions to the rule, that’s why I’ve called these “guidelines”.

Female Clients:

I use the word “feel” more

Emotionally driven

Want to enjoy the process

Need you to pay attention to them

Task oriented

Change their minds a little more

I give comfort, reassurance

Have to feel good about the project and working with you

Male Clients:

I use the word “think” more

Logically driven

Want to get good results

Need you to hit deadlines

Results oriented

Change their minds a little less

I give facts, figures

Have to feel good about the results

What I’ve found in my 10 years working as a designer is that men and women for the most part are different, but everyone should be treated as an individual. Going in with a game plan like, “This potential client is a woman, so I’ll need to do XYZ…” is a huge mistake that can cost you the client as well as respect.

Just knowing there are differences between the two, and having them in the back of your mind when talking to potential clients is enough for any graphic or web designer. Bottom line: understand there are differences – treat everyone as an individual.

Are you a starving graphic artist? Are you having trouble finding clients? Do you wish you knew what to say to clients and how to say it so you sound more polished and professional?

Learn specific approaches that will make you stand out as a freelance designer from literally hundreds of other designers just like you that potential clients can chose from. And get more clients and more projects; stop wishing and become a success now.